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Building FAQs

How long does it take to build?

Construction generally takes 3-4 months from the time we break ground to move-in.

Can you help us figure out whether our plan will work with a particular lot?

Definitely. We strongly recommend meeting with us and going over your plans in detail to make sure your home fits well on your lot and all covenants are met.

Are we able to use a floor plan from a previous house you built, but make changes to suit our needs?

Many of the customers we build for either start with a plan they've already seen, or take ideas from a number of homes they've been through and bring them together into their own plan.

Do we pick everything out (flooring, siding, doors, trim, plumbing fixtures, etc.)?

  • Flooring company - carpet, tile, and/or hardwood
  • Custom cabinet maker - cabinet style, trim, and stain color(s)
  • Plumbing company - Showers/tubs and plumbing fixtures
  • Building supplier - Siding, windows, and shingles
  • Stone/brick company - stone and/or brick and fireplace(s)